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Gator-Grip® Frequently Asked Questions | Drupal

What makes the rods strong?

The rods transfer the turning force from the fastener to the socket walls. The rods are compressed and are not subject to bending forces.

Will it remove locking lug nuts?

Depending on the specific design, the answer is probably yes. Gator-Grip grips around the edges and not in the center. If the fastener edge is anything other than perfectly round then Gator-Grip should work.

Can I use Gator-Grip to change spark plugs?

No. The rods do not retract far enough. The only way to make the rods retract further would be to lengthen the entire socket. The current design offers the greatest functionality for the most applications.

Can Gator-Grip drive screws?

The Gator-Grip socket grips along the outer edges of a fastener. The rods cannot reach into the interior of a screw head.

What does the power adapter do?

The power adapter allows the Gator-Grip to be connected to a cordless drill/driver. It's a great application.

I've seen a low cost socket with rods that looks like a Gator-Grip? Why is Gator-Grip better?

The success of Gator-Grip has inspired some companies to violate patents and offer cheap, low quality copies. Only Gator-Grip features:


  • High quality alloy steel parts: Copies use cheap soft steel parts that break the first time you use them. Gator-Grip uses hardened alloy steel parts that last a lifetime.
  • More rods: Gator-Grip uses 54 rods. Copies use half as many. More rods means that Gator-Grip? fits more fasteners and fits them faster and better.
  • Round rods: Copies use square or hexagonal rods with sharp edges. Sharp edges gouge fasteners and are prone to fracture. Gator-Grip uses round rods that are gentle on fasteners and resistant to fracture.
  • Scalloped socket walls: The scallops perform two functions: 1) they help move torque to the walls of the socket and 2) as a fastener is turned rods ride up the scallop walls and move inward to clamp down on the fastener.
  • Higher torque: Better steel and more rods means Gator-Grip can deliver 4X to 5X the turning force. Copies fail at 30-40 ft. lbs. Gator-Grip has been tested to over 150 ft. lbs. (it exceeds 200 ft. lbs. in lab tests) - equal to the torque of conventional sockets.
  • Resistance to solvents: Some knockoffs fall apart when cleaned in parts cleaner, paint thinner or gasoline - the springs are held in place with hot melt glue! Gator-Grip uses an engineering grade solvent-resistant polymer.