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All Gator-Grip® products are made of high quality hardened steel, and has 54 spring-biased pins.

Gator-Grip® products comes with 2 years warranty.

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Gator Grip ETC-120

Gator Grip ETC-120

King Gator ETC-125

Gator Grip ETC-125

Gator Grip SET ETC-200

Gator Grip ETC-200
+ ratche 3/8'' + power drill adapter
Minimum grip size:7 mm (3/4'')12 mm (1,25'')7 mm (3/4'')
Maximum grip size:19 mm (1/4'')32 mm (7/16'')19 mm (1/4'')
Maximum depth:9,5 mm15,8 mm9,5 mm
Diameter of steel rods:2,4 mm4,08 mm2,4 mm
Number of steel rods:545454
Maximum torque load:200 Nm540 Nm200 Nm
Ratchet size:3/8''1/2''3/8''
Length:50,8 mm88,8 mm50,8 mm
Outer Diameter:25,4 mm38,0 mm25,4 mm